By on December 15, 2010

Three Day First Responder Course( FRC) completed successfully in EDHI Ambulance Services School Pakistan from 7th to 10th December 2010 in Lahore. Course was supervised by the Project Director DRIP from Ireland via Skype and a video link.
Congratulation to CFR & EFR Instructors Mr. Faisal Jallal, Mr. Dilawar, Mr. Muinace and Mr. Rashid for their hard work. EDHI Ambulance and Civil Defence staff from Lahore took part in FRC. Further courses will start after 10th Moharam & FRC course will be validated after examinationby DRIP-NASC-ILEM Faculty as per NASC-PHECC guidelines.
Video of Exam and skill stations willl be available on the website soon.