Flood Relief Report (28.08.2010)

By on August 28, 2010

Two mini trucks (Shahzor) with 200 Ramzan Packs for Shangla coordinated by six Medical students of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad.

Team members:
Six Volunteer group members from Ayub medical College, Abbottabad.
Local Coordinator: Mr. Latif ur Rehman, member of the Village committee, Kashkat, Shangla.


One full truck load of 241 Flour bags(10 Kgs), 200 Metro Food Packs, 100 Ramzan food packs, 44 cartons of mixed packed food items, 960 Mitchell’s energy drinks, 12 cartons of kitchen utensils, 13 sacks of clothes, 8 sacks of shoes were sent to Bagh Dharai, Swat.

Team members:
Volunteer group from Ayub medical College and members of DMC.
Local Coordinator, Mr. Mateeullah, Retired PAF Officer, Matta, Swat.


Free Medical and Survey Camp at Hisar Tent Village, Charsada. Team of eight doctors, and 40 medical students from Ayub Medical College conducted this activity. Over 600 patients were examined and provided with free medicines. Medical students conducted survey of about 200 tents with 2200 inhabitants. 100 Ration packs were distributed with the assistance of Edhi Ambulances.

Team members: Volunteer group from Ayub medical College
Local Coordinator: Dr. Maqsood, administrator, Hisar Tent Village and his team.

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