DRIP Volunteers Distributed relief Goods in SWAT on Sunday 29th Aug 2010

By on September 2, 2010

Thanks to Mr Mati Ulla, Behroze and the survey team.

DRIP volunteers initially surveyed 21 villages along with river close and made a list of 200 affected families in Durush Khela, Kuarry, Bara Bamakhela, Bodigram, Kalakot, Qandil, Did Pani, Rahat Kot, Koza Durush khela, Bara durush Khaela and distributed relief goods including food packages.


DRIP volunteers also made recommendation that further help is needed for those;
(1) whose houses has been destroyed completely by flood.
(2) making water channels which are destroyed by flood.
They also mentioned water issue is so critical that neither water is available for animals nor for irrigation. Hundreds of thousand people are effected by water channels. If the water channel repair is given due attention on priority basis thousands of people will be benefited.

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