DRIP Relief Efforts

By on June 9, 2010

In the month of May 2009, DRIP along with its partners treated thousands of patients all across rural Mardan District and near the border of Buner District. Overall, 5,000 patients were treated & free medicines distributed to the IDPs in the area. Dr. Nauman Siddiqui, DRIP (Disaster Relief by Irish and Pakistanis)  representative lead a team of doctors to the region which included two female physicians. 50% of the patients that we are treating are females and therefore, these lady doctors were extremely critical and vital for providing quality care to females in our area. We were able to treat over 300 patients in three different villages (Kotarpan, Rustum and Zahidabad) during the medical camp.

DRIP medical doctors team was back again in the area in June and assisted in treating another batch of 200+ patients at UM hospital.

DRIP also provided free medicines for the IDPs that  helped local doctors to continue to provide quality care to the poor.

This time round, the DRIP team went beyond healthcare in providing food and traditional water buckets (Garha) to the IDPs.See photo

DRIP also arranged free kitchen for IDPs and prepared meals for at least 100 people daily.


This was the first free kitchen of its kind in the area and therefore  was a significant improvement over the current reliance on local community to feed the IDPs in the area.


Survey Conducted by DRIP partner,UM Healthcare Trust, of IDPs in adjoining Union Councils

Based on the results of the survey, almost 32,000 IDPs reside close to the facility and rely on us for not only healthcare but other needs. Considering that there is little or no government support or any other international non governmental organization working for these IDPs, and that DRIP/DMC are willing to go beyond just medical relief makes their efforts really unique.
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