DRIP Projects Report 2005-2010

History Of Disaster Relief By Irish And Pakistanis (DRIP)

After the immediate response to Earthquake in Pakistan on 8th October 2005, it was needed to set up a platform by volunteer organisations and individuals . DRIP is founded by the Pakistanis and their Irish supporters, which plan to work in the effort of rehabilitation in areas in Kashmir (Pakistan) and anywhere else if it is needed.
D.R.I.P is Irish wide and has representative in all four provinces.
DRIP plans to work solely on voluntary basis. It has its constitution which is unanimously approved by the members.

Mission Statement;
The unfortunate events of October 8th spurred DRIP it is a wake up call that we were not ready for any disaster at such massive scale . We wholeheartedly committed ourselves to work voluntarily in relief and rehabilitation efforts by providing, representative from the fields of Medicine, Business, IT, Students etc. to put their free time and resources in action to help in time of need.

In Ireland and Pakistan D.R.I.P. has registered volunteers .In any disaster so far all work free of any administrative costs.

PROJECTS; 2005-2010

1.Disaster Management Centre Abbotabad Pakistan; Since 2005
Promptly responding to Earthquake of 2005 ,a national emergency.
D.R.I.P established a Disaster Management Center [DMC] through the active support of a registered charity in Pakistan, Abbottonians Medical Association AMA charity No;DSW/NWFP/1458 (A voluntary group of doctors and medical students in Ayub Medical College).

In recent years a Rapid Response Team is developed in DMC ,all volunteers health providers and from community in Pakistan .Aim is to respond for Relief and Rescue for any disaster immediately .Team is trained and equipped by D.R.I.P. voluntary skill transfer programme on international guidelines.

2. D.R.I.P Mega Project –Voluntary Transfer of Knowledge and Skills for Emergency Preparedness – Capacity Building in health sector Pakistan and AJ&K.2005-2010.

A) Institute of Learning Emergency Medicine –ILEM ;
In August 2008, certified trainings were initiated by DRIP, accredited by National Ambulance Services College (NASC) Dublin Ireland & Prehospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Ireland.

Since December 2005 , 54 trainings, have been conducted and 4000 participants from health providers , including doctors, medical students, nurses, paramedics,
And from community , college teachers and students have been trained.
In next two years 10,000 participants from health departments and community will be trained in Internationally Accredit Courses ;

a) Cardiac First Responder
b) Community First Responder
c) Emergency First Responder
d) Major Incidence Management MIMMS
e) Advance Cardiac First Responder
f) Neonatal Resuscitation.

We have trained 110 Instructors all Pakistan and training Institutions like

RESCUE 1122 Punjab and Sindh,
EDHI Ambulance Services ,
Civil Defence Punjab,
Provincial Disaster Management Centre,
University Health Sciences,
King Edward Medical University
and local Health Departments in AJ&K , Sindh, Punjab. KhyberPakhtoonKhuwa , and Baluchistan.

B) Ambulance Services College;
Two National Ambulance Services will get benefit from this project.

1.EDHI Ambulance Services School for world largest ambulance service is already in operation affiliated with NASC-PHECC Ireland.
2.EMT Training for second biggest Ambulance Service of Pakistan RESCUE 1122.

EMT Training Programme’ to lay foundation for the internationally accredited Ambulance Services College in Pakistan

DRIP-NASC has agreed to launch for the very first time in Pakistan a five year project.
In first phase EMT Training Programme lay foundation for the Internationally accredited Ambulance Services College.

This programme is free of cost for EDHI Ambulance and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
Recently our faculty started trainings for RESCUE 1122 Punjab ,Sindh Pakistan .

1.Mishaal women vocational skill centre- makri azad jamu and kashmir . 2006
It is training providing building, embroidery and stitching for women empowerment.
All income goes to the widows and orphans and give them independent living .
2.FIRST STEP SCHOOL-Muzaffarabad AJ&K. 2007
In a camp at Jalalabad Park Muzaffarabad, the First Step School with an enrollment of over 100 students. .D.R.I.P. support the teachers fees and books for children.
Provision of Food Rations for 200 families for 2 months
Establishment of Free Medical Camp in the settlement
Provision of clothing, medicines, water coolers for the displaced families .
4.Internally Displace Pakistani’s, SWAT,Pakistan MAY/JUNE 2009.
The army operation in Swat resulted in a large number of families displaced from their homes in May 2009. DRIP’s relief efforts included
Provision of Winter clothing, Blankets, Tents
Free Regular Medical Camps
Rations for 100 families for 6 months
Instillation of water pumps in the affected area
5.D.R.I.P. also supported disasters in HAITI and Palestine in recent years by donating medicines and relief goods.2009-2010
DRIP is helping the Flood Victims with our local partners in Pakistan by setting up Relief Camps in the affected areas of Khyber-pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh. DRIP AID is going to areas worst affected are Swat, Dera Ismail Khan , Mianwali and Sukkur.
We are delivering medical help, medicines, food, water, and other supplies in large numbers. Millions of people have become homeless.
DRIP has provided food and shelter for 2000 families till date and has a stock of another 200 families.
Nearly 3400 displaced people are seen in Medical camps and are given vaccination and medicines.10 more Medical camps are planned in next two months to treat nearly 1000 more patients.
Two containers of relief goods have left Ireland under DRIP banner this week ,with clothes, bedding’s, medicines and other basic household needs . Third is leaving on 26th September.
8.Rehabilitation of Flood Relief Victims-Low cost Housing –Euro 1500/00 per house.
This project will help victims of flood to build their houses , as our field survey report show most of the villages are destroyed .DRIP has planned to build at least 3-4 villages all Pakistan.

TOTAL 100 SHAMROCK HOUSES will be build in next few weeks ,60 are already handed over to the flood victims.
One School will be built in the affected area .

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