Sponsor a training Course in Pakistan, Certified by Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Ireland

To build a Rapid Response Team for disaster management on International Guidelines and Emergency Preparedness 
is a mega project of Disaster Relief by Irish and Pakistanis D.R.I.P. Ireland since Earthquake of 2005.
Capacity building of health sector by continuous medical education is one of the most neglected areas in Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir .D.R.I.P has built a faculty in recent years with the help of their Irish partners, which train health and non health professionals in learning skills of saving lives in the time of emergencies.
These trainees then respond professionally in times of emergencies and were active in providing emergency care and relief in the recent floods in Pakistan.

Pre-Hospital and Hospital Emergency care is a new field in Pakistan and in most of the developing countries. Mortality and morbidity have been reduced in the developed world in the last few decades by developing this speciality.
Trainings provided are on International guidelines with the help of Irish Faculties of National 

Ambulance Services College (NASC) Dublin and Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council 
(PHECC) Ireland.
Since 2006 D.R.I.P. have  trained 4000 health and non health professionals ,along with 110
Instructors’ .An Institute was launched by name of Institute of Learning Emergency Medicine 
(I.L.E.M)  in Pakistan which is affiliated with NASC, PHECC and Medical Universities in Pakistan.
It’s a most cost effective model of training and has saved millions of Euros in foreign exchange for  a country like Pakistan in addition to saving many precious lives .Most of the participants in Pakistan are unable to learn latest skills in this field as they do not have adequate financial resources to undergo the requisite trainings outside Pakistan

1) Sponsor a Basic Life Saving Course  
             Help   in building a nation by skills and knowledge transfer.
 Emergency Team building in Hospital and Pre-Hospital care in Pakistan and AJ&K


  • Cardiac First Responder (CFR):

2 Day Course Euro 700.00 per course for 24 participants

  • Emergency First Responder (EFR):

5 Day Course Euro 1200.00 per course for 24 participants
(Based on Current exchange rates)
These courses are conducted by our Existing Faculty in Pakistan with financial and logistical support from D.R.I.P.
4 Instructors train group of 24 participants, doctor’s nurse’s, paramedic’s medical students and members of the community.

Cost Effectiveness
The cost of these courses in Ireland varies from Euro 150.00 to Euro 700.00 per participant depending on the course. This figure excludes Visa & travel expense from Pakistan and accommodation in Ireland which would add another Euro 1200 to 1500 per participant approximately.

Subsidized certification fees: 
Certifying Institutions like NASC and PHECC for these courses would certify successful candidates at subsidized rates, an arrangement affected through ILEM and DRIP Ireland.
2-3 courses are conducted per month all over Pakistan

Your contribution will cover 

Certification fee
Course materials
Stipend for Instructors
Travel and Accommodation of local Instructors in Pakistan
Tea/Coffee/refreshments for course participants
Venue and Training Equipment is organised by D.R.I.P’s Team in collaboration with the local faculty.

Note: D.R.I.P’s Executives or members do not claim any expenses from the above mentioned costs, for any service to the nation, as per D.R.I.P’s constitution.

2. Sponsor a Trainer of Trainer course: 
Contribute in Faculty building in Pakistan 
These courses are conducted by Irish faculty which travel to Pakistan twice a year for quality assurance, accreditation and trainings.
They charge no consultation fees, but their travel and accommodation expenses are sponsored by D.R.I.P.
Two faculty members from NASC and PHECC travel for two weeks, their expense including Air fare, Travel and Stay in Pakistan cost   approximately Euro 5,000 to 6,000 per trip.
Two visits of the Irish faculty are planned every year. Total cost Euro 10,000 to 12,000, depending on the duration of trainings and the current exchange rates.

of this Instructor Trainer course is that we have so far 110 Instructors on the ground and plan to increase numbers to 250 in the next two years. In return One Trained Instructor in Pakistan can train 6 participants and run 12-14 courses a year training 72-80  participants each year.

Note: D.R.I.P. Members accompanying the Irish Faculty Instructors pay their own fare and accommodation as per D.R.I.P’s Constitution