B) SPONSOR A D.R.I.P. MEDICAL CAMP in the flood affected areas -Euro 500 per camp

B) SPONSOR A D.R.I.P. MEDICAL CAMP in the flood affected areas -Euro 500 per camp

Medical camps are run voluntarily by our doctors and paramedics in flood relief areas.
Cost of medicines and travel is covered by the sponsor.
It costs Euro 500 per camp to cover costs of basic medication and vaccination with travel expense.
800-1200 patients usually visit one medical camp
D.R.I.P’s Teams are running these camps in the flood affected areas .Medical Camps are on D.R.I.P. Calendar for next 6 months as most of the basic health care units were destroyed in these floods.

Saturday, September 11, 2010
Nowshera Medical Camp

17 doctors who treated over 1200 patients. Along with this, the team handed out free medicines to the patients including Anti-scabies, Eye Drops and Multivitamins. The following doctors were on hand for the Nowshera Medical Camp.

Doctors TMO/HO/MO Ward
Dr. Sultan Zeb TMO Medical C
Dr Amir Shah TMO Medical A
Dr. Sajjad HO Medical B
Dr. Hussain TMO Surgical B
Dr. Sultan Wazir TMO Orthopedics
Dr. Shafaat TMO Surgery
Dr. Haider TMO Surgical C
Dr. Hazarat Ullah TMO Neurosurgery
Dr. Tariq MO Eye
Dr. Raheem MO Eye
Dr. Rashid HO Skin
Dr. Fazal-a-Rabi MO Pediatrics
Dr. Saeed-ul-Haq HO Pediatrics
Dr. Huma TMO Gynaecology B
Dr. Hina TMO Gynaecology A
Dr. Jamila TMO Gynaecology A
Dr. Jaharat TMO Gynaecology A