DRIP Ireland thanks AOL Ireland!

By on November 19, 2010

D.R.I.P Ireland is very thankful to Mr. Aengus McClean (Head of AOL Ireland)
and Mr. Adnan Ajmi (Software Engineer AOL Ireland) for Supporting
SHAMROCK HOUSES-A DRIP project for flood affectees in Pakistan

As the humanitarian crisis in Pakistan erupted due to the heavy rains and resulting floods,
AOL and its employees initiated a campaign in its Dublin office to raise money to help
the flood victims. The money raised by the employees was matched by the company
before donated to DRIP. A salary sacrifice scheme was opened where an employee
could volunteer a deduction from their monthly salary and that deduction was
matched by the company. A second fund raiser was organized through a company
sponsored lunch, where lunch was provided free of charge and employees
could donate lunch money to the cause.

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