About Us

History Of Disaster Relief By Irish And Pakistanis (DRIP)

After the immediate response of Pakistani’s and Irish to Earthquake in Pakistan on 8th October 2005, it was needed to set up a platform by all these volunteer organisation and individuals. DRIP is founded by the Pakistanis and their Irish supporters, which plan to work in the effort of rehabilitation in areas in Kashmir (Pakistan) and anywhere else if it is needed. DRIP represents all Pakistanis working so far in this relief effort in Ireland. DRIP is Irish wide and has representative in all four provinces. DRIP plans to work solely on voluntary basis. It has its constitution which is unanimously approved by the members. It is a registered organisation. It has plans to continuous supply the professionals and volunteers in disaster zone, sponsor a family program, sponsor a child program and to establish a base camp in Muzaffarabad.

The mission is to continue the rehabilitation efforts and join hands in future for any disaster in Pakistan and Ireland or any where in the world.

The unfortunate events of October 8th spurred DRIP it is a wake up call that we were not ready for any disaster at such massive scale . We together will be able to do some thing in future if we have one platform.

We wholeheartedly committed ourselves to work voluntarily in earthquake relief efforts by providing, representative from the fields of Medicine, Business, IT, Students etc. to put their free time in action to help others in this unfortunate times of earthquake victims